Marrazzo Custom Homes Services

Outdoor Living Rooms:

Simple or elaborate, it is crucial to begin with a well-planned design for your outdoor living room.
Our designers will manage every aspect of your project, from conception through the installation by our skilled foreman, masons and craftsmen. Every step of the way your designer is there for you.

Experience style with an exquisitely designed fully functional Outdoor Kitchens complete with patio, granite countertops and bartop, a sink and a refrigerator, keg-orator, ice bucket, outdoor T.V. and cabinetry. You may always elect to phase in your project over time. Outdoor rooms can be simple, with a patio, a grill or grill island and some comfortable chairs with a fire table to double as a dining table.

You can choose to include:

  • A screened gazebo to add comfort, beauty and expand your outside living space protected from the elements and insects. Add an outdoor fireplace or fire pit to create ambiance as well as warmth.
  • Add heat lamps, romantic lanterns and weatherproof furniture.
  • Define your outdoor living area with a pergola; a room without walls.
  • Add lovely planting gardens or ponds with waterfalls and walkways art accent pieces or statuary to improve your view.
  • Screening plants and fencing can be used for privacy.
  • Relax and entertain family and/or friends at home in comfort and style.
  • Illuminate the area with landscape lighting.


Outdoor Fireplaces & Fire Pits

Every addition to your landscape should make the outdoor living area as functional, beautiful and stylish as your indoor living area. The addition of a fireplace or fire pit will provide a central gathering point for your outdoor living room.

During cool summer and spring evenings, the glowing embers adds to the ambiance of the setting and provides heat making it enjoyable to spend your evenings outside. During the fall and winter months you can extend the time you spend outdoors comfortably. Patios are perfect for a fireplace, fire pit or fire table. Decks are perfect for a fire table.

Enhance the view of your landscape in the evening as you relax around the fire with landscape lighting, a flower garden, pond, or fountain. Relax and entertain family and friends at home in comfort and style.

Outdoor Kitchens


Experience style with an exquisitely designed fully functional Outdoor Kitchen custom designed to meet your tastes and enhance your lifestyle. Can be even be installed in as little as 2 business day. You select the cabinets, grill, refrigerator, the counter top and the amenities. Add a keg-orator, ice bucket , outdoor T.V. or other feature to make your outdoor kitchen one of a kind. Maybe a fire table in the counter top for warmth and ambiance. Outdoor kitchens can also be installed on decks and patios. No matter what you choose, it will always be integrated to compliment your landscape.

Great for homes, businesses and recreation facilities.

Concrete and Masonry


Permeable patios are great for the environment— Brick, Flagstone, Pavers, Fieldstone, Slate or concrete.
Patios, Walkways and Steps can be formal or informal, it can be more than a place for a table and chairs. It can offer your family and friends a spot to gather, enjoy meals, and share together time. A patio can be a place for quiet seclusion or a spot to enjoy a favorite outdoor activity.

Pavers can help transform your outdoor walkways, plaza and decks into functional works of art.

Decks, Arbors, Pergolas & Gazebos


Arbors are archways comprised of multiple trellises and an open, lattice roof. They are often used to frame a gate or path, and can provide an attractive, inviting focal point. They support vines of all types, from woody varieties such as roses and wisteria to annual flowering vines such as morning glories.

Pergolas use the same open-lattice concept as arbors, but over much larger areas. Some pergolas are attached to buildings, acting as sun-breakers and vine supports. Others are free-standing archways, often covering pathways. Some pergolas connect two structures, offering a shaded walk. When covered with vines, pergolas provide protection from light rain. Pergolas have a long history in western architecture, starting with the Romans. The Latin word pergula refers to an eave that projects from a building. The concept has been used for centuries as a way of blocking sun during the summer months, while allowing sun during the winter when the sun is lower in the sky.

Gazebos, in the most basic sense, are small pavilions. They can be as simple as a roof above poles, but most are considerably more ornamental. The most popular gazebos today for home landscapes are eight-sided, covered by multiple lattice patterns, and protected by a fully enclosed roof. In addition to extensive lattice work around the eight sides, they often have screens and doors to keep them insect-free and extend their usefulness throughout the warm seasons. They are a wonderful way to create a private outdoor space.